What is the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?

The difference is with the code of the home. Manufactured homes are compliant with federal HUD codes Modular homes, on the other hand are built to local regulation standards. Our homes are blocked and skirted.

How is factory-built housing different than site-built homes?

Factory-built homes are built in a controlled environment and take significantly less time.

Do modular homes use the same building materials as site-built homes?

Yes. We use conventional building materials and supplies to construct the home.

What kind of features can I get in a modular home?

As the buyer, you have options for how your home is built. Liechty offers complete customization, just as you would have with any other fresh build.

Where can I find pricing information for Liechty modular homes?

Contact a sales location closest to you, or inquire via email.

Where can I find information about financing a modular home?

We do not offer financing through Liechty Homes. We work with local financial institutions in your region.

Can I purchase homes directly from the factory?

No. We do not offer homes direct from factory.

Where can I go to tour a model that I see online?

You can tour any of our homes at any/all of our Liechty Home locations!

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Typically, the complete build-out is accomplished between 3 and 6 months.

Does Liechty build homes with two stories?

Yes. We offer floor plans that accommodate two stories.

Can factory-built homes be placed on basements?

Yes. Liechty Homes collaborates with local contractors who are willing and able to dig the perfect basement for your new home.

Does Liechty provide water hookups for my modular home?

Yes. This is dependent on local laws and regulations. Please inquire via phone or email.

Can a Liechty modular home be delivered out of state?

Yes. Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska are all states where we have the ability to deliver and assemble your new home.